Always Doubting Myself and My Work

Doing freelance work gives me the freedom to work from home, much less stressful than getting dressed and going into a full time job every day, and definitely comes with less anxiety. Well, it was supposed to be less stressful. I suppose it’s really just a different kind of stress and anxiety.

I have some really great clients that I work with on a regular basis, that makes life easy, and most of them are more like friends than clients. I’ve even met a few of them in person after several years of working together. That was a huge thing for me personally, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

One of those frequent clients (who is very much like a friend to me) recently emailed me about an invoice saying they felt it should be less and that I was charging them too much for my services. Normally this person would say I don’t charge people enough for the quality work that I do, so I wondered all day long if I was overcharging, if I was doing something wrong, if I was putting my reputation in jeopardy with high rates. I went over things a million times in my mind, on paper, on my computer screen, and every time I came out thinking I must be doing something wrong or not looking at it right.
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Video of Topless Woman Wrecking a McDonalds in Florida Isn’t Funny

Recently a video of a mostly naked woman tearing apart a McDonalds has been shared around social media, making the usual rounds and getting the usual comments in places like Gawker and Facebook.


Hardly any of the sites it was posted gave the REAL story, they just posted it as a funny video and insinuated the woman was crazy or on drugs, tearing apart the McDonalds and eating ice cream right out of the soft serve machine wearing just some thong panties.

However the woman was taken from the McDonalds to a hospital where it was promplty discovered that she was not drunk nor had she consumed drugs of any kind. What really happened was a manic bipolar episode and she was in need of treatment. This is not something funny.

FOX 13 News

When the woman found out the security video footage was being shared around the internet she was embarrased for herself and her two children, so much so that she is considering moving so her children won’t feel ashamed or be made fun of.

The retaurant employees who posted the video were fired from the McDonalds, because they recorded the video onto their phones while watching the security feed in the back office part of the restaurant and then posted it to the internet without permission. However, that doesn’t make any of this situation right.

I think what bothers me most is the way some websites (like Gawker) are representing this video as just funny footage. It’s really not funny when you look at the whole story. Again, we have an opportunity here to discuss mental illness issues and the media isn’t taking it.

Fox 13 News did say she is receiving treatment, and I hope she continues to receive treatment and isn’t shunned by her community for this incident. Sandra Suarez, if you’re listening today I want you to know that it’s okay, and there are people out there in the world that understand and we stand by you in support while you continue treatment. Be well.

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